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Mediation is the process which allows each party to be heard, and to hear each other in a neutral setting, with any imbalances of power adjusted for by the Mediator. As an impartial facilitator, the Mediator manages the process to assist the involved parties to explore options and reach their own settlement for those issues they agree to discuss. Contact us. Although our office is in the Methow Valley at Winthrop, WA., we will travel throughout Washington State.

Mediation can be used for:

  • Disputes between service providers and their clients i.e. builders and home owners, landlords and tenants, suppliers and consumers
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • In general, any time conflict arises and the parties want to resolve the issues.


Facilitation is the action of leading, or coordinating a group discussion, or work group. The Facilitator is an outside party, and is tasked to keep discussions on task, while making sure all opinions and ideas are discussed in an orderly fashion, without bias.

Facilitation can help:

  • Large or small meetings move forward in a productive manner
  • Two or more groups that may have differing points of view, meet and have a constructive discussion.

Chris Stern

Chris Stern of Common Sense Solutions Mediation ServicesChris Stern has a broad base of experience that has given him the understanding to listen with impartiality and to help others hear their own issue from another’s perspective.

Chris has experience as a Forester, a Builder, a Father, a Coach, has worked with the Okanogan County for Growth Management compliance, has worked on the Methow Valley Water Pilot Planning Project using consensus for agreement with citizen groups, Local, State and Tribal governments.

Chris started his training as a Mediator in 1993 and has extended his activities as a volunteer with the Okanogan County Dispute Resolution Center to professional mediations around the state. Chris has been a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and a Certified Mediator with the Washington Mediation Association.

Chris Stern 625 Hwy 20, Winthrop WA 98862, 509-996-2554