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Home Building Consultation for the Methow Valley and beyond

Methow Valley land Congratulations! You have followed your heart and have purchased some land and perhaps are now asking some of these questions:

Can anyone help me?

What options do I have?

I have a dream, and a budget, how do I make those work together?

I have found my land and want to build, but am not ready to talk to a contractor or salesman, where do I get information?
Dream Home Perhaps this is your dream...
Fort but you are not sure of your budget.

Chris Stern and his wife Cathy built their Methow Valley log home in 1977, before he founded his Company, Common Sense Custom Homes, Inc. Now, Chris brings his broad base of experience to you through Common Sense Solutions. Since 1978 Common Sense has been active in the Building Industry helping families plan and build their new homes. It has been our experience that not every family, or team, that buys land and wants to build a new home or vacation dream, has an agreed upon clear idea of what they want to build, or how far their budget may allow them to go.

Remote Getaway The remote getaway
Room for family and toys Room for family & toys

Certainly, one can call a mobile home dealership and find out the price of a double wide and do some comparative shopping in that part of the industry, but it is not as easy to find out costs and compare various construction methods, materials and styles.

Log Beam Interior The cabin feel with logs or beams
Kitchen Most creature comforts included
Reasonable functionality and space Reasonable functionality and space

Common Sense combines its construction knowledge, product knowledge, and ability to manage a lively discussion with all of your ideas dreams and limitations, to help you find what can work for you. This service is offered with no intentions of supplying you with any particular product, and no presumption of becoming your Contractor. With these premises, we will have the freedom to explore many concepts, provide you with realistic options and give you a good direction on how to proceed with no obligation of any further relationship. Contact us.

Chris Stern 625 Hwy 20, Winthrop WA 98862, 509-996-2554